0025 Dr.Yunus bullying Afghans by Shafie Ayar



This is a response video towards the extremist factions within the Afghan community living in the West and specifically in Northern California who are actively seeking to impose their Sharia Law and try to shut up Mr Dawood Nezar, Mr Ayar, Mr Wasiq, and Zarin TV. Specifically, this show is against Dr Yunus of Noor TV who has not only led this fight, but has also tried to have fund raisers to file a law suit against Zarin TV and its talk show hosts in order that they cancel their shows.

Mr Ayar highlights some clips from Dr Yunus' TV shows. Dr Yunus is a well known Afghan TV personality and islamic religious "expert" who wears a tie and constantly utters his famus slogan, "Democracy is Be Namossie"". Mr Ayar points out that extremism and confusion is being spewed by even the most moderate factions of our religion.